Core Exercises at Home: Easy Six Pack

 For many reasons, it is important to include the muscles of the midsection, including the abdomen, which is considered the most important part of the body for strength, mobility, flexibility, and general health. Here are the best core exercises to do at home!

A solid core gives you a strong, stable foundation that helps you lift weights, move better in everyday life, and pursue other fitness-related goals. West says working on your core helps maintain a solid foundation for your muscles, which in turn helps you to be stronger. After all, most of the movements you make require some kind of core effort to keep you stable, and most of these movements do. The best thing about these workouts is that they don’t require body weight, so you can do them at home if you have enough space to build a board. 

Plank to Dolphin

West adds: “Because these movements are primarily at the core, they will challenge you and challenge your movement. So next time you feel like doing weight work but are under time pressure, go to the gym and do a 15-minute core workout and feel the goodness. The following example is from a fitness trainer and group trainer who serves the LGBTQ community and its allies as a member of an online women’s training group and teaches a variety of core exercises at home for women, men, and women of all ages and abilities. 


You want your shoulders to be warm for the push-ups and ups that are coming, so this is your starting point. Start in a forearm plank, forearms on the floor, elbows directly over the shoulder. Take your core, your buttocks, and your four-legged friends and pull them up to your tailbone, then show your hands in front of you so that your arms are parallel and your legs stretch. 

The head should now move over the shoulders, and the hips should be lifted and pressed against the forearms, creating an inverted v-shape in your body. 

Continue with this movement for 1 minute, then slowly sink back into a forearm plank and continue for another 1 minute or until your back is fully flexed. 

The target targets the core, delta, diamond, and quad, but also the upper back, hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, wrists, feet, arms, legs, hands, and feet. 

Plank Tap

Start in a high plank with palms flat, stretch your legs, and lower your body to the floor, leaving your knees if necessary. Work your stomach, arms, and shoulders simultaneously, West says, pinching the core and esophagus. Start by placing your shoulders directly over your wrists, bending your elbows, and lowering your body to the floor. Hands Shoulder – wide apart, palms up, elbows bent, shoulders stacked flat just above wrists and feet. 

Aim at the core, thoracic spine, delta, and triceps, and push your palms up to stretch your arms. 

Forearm Side Plank With Twist

Start with your hands shoulder-width apart and stack your shoulders directly above your wrists and tie them around the core and esophagus. Tap your right hand on your left shoulder while pinching your body and hip, keeping your hip as stable as possible so it doesn’t sway from side to side. Do the same with the left and right shoulders, but also activate the shoulders, which alternately carry the weight. Stretch your legs and start at the bottom of your knees and hands, about over your shoulder – width away from you. 

To make it easier, try to separate your legs a little more, but switch sides for 1 minute and then back to the beginning. 

West says the core workout would be complete without the extra work, which means targeting the core, delta, and triceps, but not the arms. 


The good news is, if you are looking for a core workout at home, there are many possibilities to install solid equipment training in a short time. Sometimes there is no shortage of quick workouts that can be done without equipment. Be sure to include these core exercises to your home workout!

Cardio is key for the good six pack!

The best place for all workouts? Central Park, of course!