Solo Newtown has been a dream in the making for this pair of brothers for as long as they have remembered. Hailing from the Indonesian city Surakarta, (affectionately known as Solo) their childhood home has played a major part in the telling of their culinary journey.

When playing in the backstreets kampung (neighbourhoods) they would be invited to friend’s houses and experience wholesome homemade Solo food before playing again, and a simple visit to traditional markets saw local fresh food staples amongst handmade craft work & batik. Experiences like these made a lasting impression on the brothers, and they aimed for a restaurant that would be as nourishing as the meals they shared with friends and relatives in their homes. 

Solo Newtown is a café by day and restaurant by night. As any Newtown café knows, coffee is to be taken seriously, which is why only the best selection of coffee beans, both local and imported have been chosen to be roasted weekly. Brunch is just as serious, and just like the brothers, there is a combination of Australian and Indonesian influence to all that they do, including the unique menu. 

When the sun goes down, the dinner menu transforms to traditional Indonesian food with a modern twist. The delicate balancing of flavours in a secret marinade passed down from the chef’s grandmother is what makes the signature succulent beef ribs dish that extra bit more satisfying, especially when the meat just falls off the bone. All dishes have a story behind them, down to the traditional chicken sate skewers with home-made peanut sauce made lovingly each day. Teamed with an ice cool Bintang, one is instantly transported to memories of the good times had in Indonesia.

Javanese tradition & culture consistently weaved into all parts of life for the brothers, including food, and it came no surprise that a passionate head chef was selected to lead the kitchen. 

Chef Olly Lucas 
was raised within a large Indonesian family where food was a centrepiece of life. Conversations, celebrations and even mourning involved food. Under the guidance of his restauranteur  and caterer Aunt, he learned the skills of wholesome traditional Indonesian cooking and this experience in his early life led his pursuit of becoming a dedicated chef. 

With an enthusiastic and devoted team, Solo Newtown is a Sydney restaurant where the marriage of complementary flavours within each dish will leave you with an appreciation of Indonesian Cuisine and wanting to come back for more. 

"Datanglah dan Nikmatilah sajian kami!"

"We Invite you to eat and enjoy our food!"